The Buffalo Cubs

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


As you may have noticed, I have not posted on Buffalo Cubs for almost a week. No, it wasn't because I was being lazy, it was because I have been in the process of becoming the latest member of the most valuable network team. I am the new writer for Behind the Ivy, the link is on the side under regularly updated, you can also click, I don't know if that linked. So make your way over to my new site.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Prior and Wood

Why couldn't this happen to the Cardinals? No less than about three weeks into camp, Prior and Wood both find themselves rehabbing. I feel like two weeks ago were the good ole days, when Prior and Wood had healthy arms, and the Nomar didn't get hit on the wrist, and Corey Patterson didn't get hit on the knee. Now the Cubs Fan Nation is in shock, not to mention the many questions we have. Will Wood be able to start opening day? Will Prior pitch game 2 of that series? Will Nomar have recurring wrist problems throughout the season? The answer to all those questions is: I have no clue. While Nomar appears to be fine, in fact he hit a home run yesterday, his nickname given to hime from college teammates was "glass." Prior is still experiancing some inflammation, but did throw today. Wood appears to be back on pace for his opening day start, he threw off a mound today, but you can never be too careful with these Cub pitchers. Why every year with those two? I am sick of their injuries. The Cubs are counting on the pitching staff and infield to produce 100 wins and the division title. Hopefully they can start opening day healthy and end in late October with the World Series title still healthy.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Random Thoughts About the Cubs and Life

Well, there isn't much good Cubs news today so I will look on the brighter side of things and give you random thoughts:

I wish I could play the bagpipes.

What ever happened to subpoenas meaning that you have to show up to a court hearing?

Will the Cubs ever come to their senses and put in Dusty's youngest son as manager of the team?

Do you think the Cubs will bring Deion Sanders out of his baseball retierment?

When will the Baseball veterans committee put Ron Santo in the HOF?

Oh please let Latroy Hawkins be the set-up man this year.

Can the Cubs win 120 games like Carlos Zambrano said, no, but they could win over 100 if they play at their peak.

Why didn't Kangaroo Jack win an Oscar?

"You know how traffic lights go, green means go, yellow means caution and red means stop? Well it is just the opposite with bananas. Green means wait, yellow means go, and red means where the f### did you get that banana." Mitch Hedberg

Well there you have it, random thoughts with Billy Bishop

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Caps lock I think really gets peoples attention. That said, Kerry Wood's arm fell off today in spring training, yet as a coincedence Johan Santana's left arm fell off today to as well so they traded arms. Kerry now has 2 left arms while Johan has two right arms. Can you imagine the wicked curve and fastball Kerry will have on opening day. While all that isn't true, it pretty much sums up what the feeling is today in Cubs camp(except for that whole trading arms bit) instead Kerry felt some tightness in his shoulder, no big deal. He might not have stretched enough, who knows it might have even been a figment of Kerry's imagination, you can never be too careful in spring training. So all you pessimists out there, be positive with this one, it is truly no big deal, I hope.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Predictions for Season

Not much Cubs News to report on today. But there is good news from Mesa, saying that Corey Patterson is OK after getting hit in the knee. We'll have to just wait and see on that one, it looked pretty bad during the game. It hurts like hell when you get hurt on the knee with such a fast velocity, last year I was playing third base when a line drive came my way. I thought I had a beat on the ball but instead when I went to catch the line drive it hooked thus hitting me in the knee. I had a Peter Griffin moment after that, AHH,......AHH,....AHH. Anyway since there is not much to report on I figured I would give my predictions for the season with abasolutely no explanation whatsoever.

Cy Young- Johan Santana
MVP- Adrian Beltre
Rolaids relief man of the Year- Keith Foulke
ROY- Jhonny Peralta(Buffalo Bison bred)

Cy Young- Mark Prior
MVP- Albert Pujols(ohh that pains me to say, but I rather it be him than Bonds)
RMotY- Eric Gagne
ROY- Your Suggestion Wanted

So for my two readers (me and me, I don't get many readers, but if you are not me, well, you would consider yourself me, does that make sence? I didn't think so, can also comment,) out there, read, anaylyze, discuss, and stuff the inbox with your opinions.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Missing Signs

I found something very interesting on today,

The Cubs may call more hit-and-run plays this year. However, Baker said some of the players had a tough time recognizing the signs last season. "It wasn't a big problem, but there were times when there were more signs missed than I would've liked," Baker said Saturday. "I don't like any missed. Baker said he stresses the signs to his players, but not all of them seem able to translate it. The Cubs also couldn't follow through on the hit-and-run because they had too many players who were prone to strikeouts."Some guys missed the signs," Baker said. "Or you put it on and you've got to take it off because they ask for it again, and now everybody in the ballpark knows what's on so you've got to take it off."
Will the Cubs do more of that this year?
"Maybe," Baker said. "It depends on my team. You play according to the personnel on the team. My first couple years in San Francisco, I hit and ran quite a bit. I had Robby Thompson, Darren Lewis, Royce Clayton. I didn't hit and run with Matt Williams, Will Clark and Kevin Mitchell too much. It depends on the team you have and the personnel you have."

The Cubs of 2004 missed signs on a regular basis according to this. This could explain the number of base running blunders by certain players, i.e. Moises Alou. How can these Major League baseball players miss signs? HOW CAN THEY MISS SIGNS???? This is still hard for me to fathom. Alas, this article also brings good news however, as the Cubs plan to hit and run more this year, which I believe wwas a key aspect to their demise last year, (along with Latroy being moved out of his element to closer) the Cubs did not hit and run last year because all their position players were liable to go deep every time they stepped to the plate, at least when Todd Walker was playing. Anthony on View From The Bleachers pointed out that the Cubs have scored 18 runs total in 3 games this spring training, yet of those there have been only 3 home runs. Most importantly those homeruns were each hit with a runner on base, which is a good sign. If you remember, most of the Cubs home runs were solo homeruns, because the hitters in front of them would strike out.
There is hope in the air, and while these games are just practice, they're still games.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ron Santo

I am sure everyone else in Cub Nation was just as sad as I was when I heard the news that Ron Santo was 8 votes out of going to the Hall of Fame along with Ryne Sandberg and Wade Boggs in the class of 2005. While I may be a relitively new CUbs fan, I have always been a baseball fan, and certainly a baseball history buff. So when I know that Ron Santo was the best third basemen in the National League who was a nine-time All-Star and five-time Gold Glove winner. Not to mention his 2254 hits, 324 HR, and .277 batting average. Ron Santo however is not just a Hall of Famert based on his stats, but also, based on his sportsmanship, charity work, and courage to play all his career with diabetes, never complaining and most of all never missing time during the season. Even with his illness from 1962-1971 the lowest year games played total was 154. Ron Santo deserves to be in the Hall of Fame and elitists like Mike Schimdt are keeping him out, he wouldn't vote for anyone this year because he feels it cheapens his own membership. It is not just Ron Santo getting hurt by this, but it is players like Gil Hodges and Burt Byleven who are not be allowed to enter the hallowed halls of Cooperstown, (by the way if you have never been to Cooperstown, go, it is baseball heaven. I found that this year in September that it was much less crowded than previous times in the year such as July.) Hopefully Ron Santo can enter the Hall when he is alive, but until then, I look forward to another year with him and Pat on the radio.